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Getting corporate communication heard in Germany requires intimate knowledge of the media landscape. Based near Stuttgart, the heartland of the German automotive and engineering industries, we have extensive experience crafting tailored communciation strategies for relevant stakeholders. Our team of seasoned experts not only supports companies in crisis situations, we also prepare speeches, statements, and press releases for a broad range of communication needs. We also help our customers get in touch with local media outlets, editorial offices, or the relevant authorities. Ultimately, our role is to provide support in creating your public footprint in Germany. To find out more about our work, please consult the examples on our project page. We are confident that we can deliver the solution that best meets your needs.

Feel free to get in touch with us. info@dalladea.de – Telephone +49 7031 304919-0


From musical star to portrait Oscar

London. Massimiliano Pironti (36) from the Stuttgart area is one of two artists living in Germany among the 48 finalists of the "BP PORTRAIT AWARD 2018". Artists from 88 countries submitted 2,667 paintings making it the most important competition of its kind. Therefore it is also referred to as the "Oscar of portrait painting". Starting in June, the works of the finalists are going to be published in the National Portrait Gallery, London (NPG). The best participants can look forward to cash prizes of 66,000 Pounds.

"A throne in the West" is the title of Pironti's hyperrealisitc painting in oil on aluminium...

Find the complete press-information (PDF, 110 KB) here. 



Here you can find the CV of Massimiliano Pironti (PDF, 50 KB) and some pictures of him and his work.

"A throne in the West" (JPG, 4MB)

Massimiliano Pironti (JPG, 2,3 MB)

Detail of "A throne in the West" (JPG, 0,4 MB)

Framing of "A throne in the West" (JPG, 0,5 MB)

Framing of "A throne in the West" 2 (JPG, 0,4 MB)


Gesagt - verstanden

Silence fuels questions and doubts


skilled workers will be lacking 
in Germany by 2030.



percent of journalists 
use press releases as sources. 

(news aktuell)




percent of companies believe communication concepts are important. But only 44 percent have one. 

(MPM Trendmonitor)


quality defect is enough to damage the reputation of a company. 


Mahle annual report 2016

For the German supplier Mahle's 2016 annual report, we conceptualized and provided the content. With "Change born from responsibility" as the overarching theme, the report included stories from different locations that showed how the automotive supplier is addressing the changes within the global automobile industry. The individual stories are also presented as hort videos. We designed the content and supported filming and editing.

Find out more about our work on the Mahle annual report on our project page.


Bosch backgrounder

We specialize in presenting complex situations, such as the effects of digitization on your company, in a way that captures journalists' attention.

dalladea GmbH formulated a backgrounder for Bosch, the global provider of technology and services, on this very topic. It came as a brochure that was attached to journals for media professionals. The piece expalined the impact of digitization and connectivity on everyday life, all the while describing the relevant technical background and the opportunities that these developments create. It provided an impression of the transformation a company like Bosch is experiencing as a result. 

The backgrounder can be downloaded  on our project page


Mahle annual report 2015

We co-developed and executed the concept for the Mahle 2015 annual report. Over the course of the project, we travelled around China, Spain, Mexico, Italy, and Germany, and asked many people to share their views on the elements that make up Mahle's DNA. For the first time ever, the annual report thus reflected the company's diversity.

Find out more about our contribution to the Mahle annual report on our project page.


Bosch annual report 2014

In 2014 we co-developed the "Quality of life" theme for the Bosch annual report 2014. The company aimed to demonstrate how its products and services help improve quality of life in different regions around the globe.

Find our more about our contribution to the Bosch annual report 2014 on our project page.


Bosch annual report 2013

In 2013, a separate "Invented for life - 24 hours" magazine came with the annual report. With vivid stories, the supplement described different people, innovations, and technologies. We developed the theme and wrote the texts. In addition, Bosch came up with something special for its annual report: it connected the magazine and the main report with hidden magnets. Once readers have finished reading both sections, the two parts can be put back together.

Find out more about our work on the Bosch annual report 2013 on our project page.


Bosch annual report 2012

Soon after dalladea was founded, the Bosch annual report 2012 was our first big project. It was the first time the publication came with a separate magazine. In line with the "Connectivity" theme, the magazine addressed associate achievements and innovations. We co-developed the main theme and produced texts, reports, interviews, and backgrounders.  

Find out more about our contribution to the Bosch annual report 2012 on our project page.

Video shooting
in Barcelona

As e-mobility gains importance, Mahle increasingly counts on electric drive units. In Barcelona, e-scooters with Mahle electric drive units are already on the streets. We travelled to the city and had a closer look, shot videos of the scooters, and wrote up a text about them for the annual report. The outcome was a story about how this new form of mobility is silently conquering the Catalonian capital.

Find out more about the Mahle annual report on our project page.

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